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Slow torrent upload speed (linux iso)

Hey everyone,
I just received my fizz modem. I did a speed test for torents by downloading the ubuntu iso torrent. Download speed is good (10 MB/s), but upload sped is about 6 KB/s.

-The fizz modem is port forwarding a port in the 50 000 range to my desktop computer.
-My qbitorrent software is listeting on the same port.

Any idea?



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Hello Simon,

In order to help you to fix this issue please contact us via Facebook Messenger or live chat.

Have a nice day!

Marius Daniel

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I think contacting Fizz would help in that matter and besides its common to have really slow download of torrents since it involves seeds. Hope your issue gets fixed

Sometimes ISPs will intentionally throttle torrenting/P2P to prevent piracy so, I wouldn't be surprised. Just try a VPN and see if it makes your speeds faster.

I'm working for an ISP (not Fizz nor Videotron) and sometimes, it's not even the ISP how blocks torrents, but blackbones :

ost ISP are not blocking torrents, but their policies priorises browsing, streaming and VoIP rather than torrents, to give a change to anywone using the network to have a good speed.