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Is there a way to check Fizz Internet status when internet get's slow?

I would like to know if it is possible to see the status of Fizz Internet when our internet is slow?
When I look at everything looks fine, but when I browse the web (no matter what device, and for both connected by cable and by Wi-Fi) my internet is slow from time to time.
As it is not normal, I would like to know if on the side of Fizz everything is correct too.
Thank you

There is the Fizz Wi-Fi app on iOS and Google play store where you can do a speed test. The app test the speed for the modem and after that the download speed of the router. You can also look at the status of services page where I assume if there is a problem with internet they will put it there

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Download the app, as you can make a speed test, and you get 2 results
1. The speed from internet to the modem
2. The speed from modem to your device
That will help a lot



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Reboot all your devices



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If speedtest gives you a good speed then the problem could be web sites that you visited were slow.

@David or @Victor Do you know if they have an app for desktop (Windows or Mac) ?
Because I can indeed test my mobile devices, but what about my other working devices :P

No they don’t have, you can login to the modem directly or If you download the app you can see there all your devices, wifi signal strength and wifi channels
So you can test different channels or change settings

May be try to test it from a different device... or wired device ?
Sometimes, it be related to your device being lagged for some other reason that the speed of the internet.