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Suggestions for the wallet?

I like the idea of the wallet, but it would be great if there was a way to control how (or at least if) it is used.
The idea being that I would like to make sure that the funds in my wallet are used on the features I need.
The most basic version would be an option to Lock and Unlock the wallet. That way, you can deposit money into it, but lock it until you feel you need it.

An even better solution would be to have more granular options specifying what the wallet funds can be used for.

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Not a bad idea actually Valentin. I think it should be possible to implement.

Not everyone would like that however and may find it frustrating.

I think I'd appreciate it however.

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It's a great idea regarding granular options.
The current "lock" wallet feature would be : don't put money in it.

Not putting money in the wallet does is not the same as Locking the wallet.
Once you put the money in the wallet, you can't remove it, and doing so would not be practical.

I did not find any place where we can submit such requests. My best guess is a complaint about a missing feature:) and one about a missing feature of submitting reports about missing features.