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Data only plan, no minutes, no texts. Cannot receive incoming text, even they say "incoming texts are always free"?

I just want to verify here that, is it true that if I have data only plan then I would not be able to make calls, receive calls, send sms, nor receive sms?! Even Fizz says that incoming sms are always free, but if I have no text plan, this free feature would not be activated?
If only I buy Adds-on, or put money in the Wallet can make these available?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes that is correct, you won't be able to make calls or send texts unless you chose a coverage area that you are in and you bought add-ons.

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You should be able to receive sms,
If you want to have calls or text you can buy them as addons, (30 days)
I don't have texts activated and I had to send 3 so I paid for an addon, right away I was able to send the texts.

I received texts