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Has anyone experienced this and got a solution?

I've been without service since December 17th. Each day I get the same auto response, "we're so sorry
you're unhappy, I've made a special note on your ticket for our specialized team"
I got an email saying they'd even extend my beta plan price except that have failed to find any solution to restore my service, which makes the extension pretty pointless. I've updated payment method 4 times. Reset my phone. Still they do nothing.
How can it be acceptable to leave a customer over a month without any service?

It happened to the moderator over on the fizz reddit sub when some tech accidentally unsubscribed him after trying to fix something else on his account. Eventually they restored his account somehow, but he did need to use a new SIM to re-activate it.

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I've asked them twice if a new SIM would fix the issue, they said if it would have worked they would have sent me one already.
But I have zero faith in their capabilities so I just ordered one today anyway :)