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What network does Fizz use for roaming in Canada?

When switching to Fizz EXT in other parts of Canada where Fizz’s network doesn’t cover, which carrier’s towers are used? Telus? Bell? Rogers?

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Fizz does the same thing as Videotron does. They have partnered with Rogers and Telus. Rogers is their preferred partner so you will almost always switch to Rogers when you're connected to Fizz EXT. I know with Videotron, there are several restrictions when going onto the Telus network such as the amount of data and duration spent on their network. For Videotron, you actually see two three networks when looking for other networks manually, Videotron, Videotron Partner 1, and Videotron Partner 2. Howver with Fizz you only see two, Fizz and Fizz EXT, due to which I don't think Telus is even an option.

Extended Coverage is what the other carriers call it and they roam on to other networks. When I was with Fido, you would see Fido and Fido EXT and the EXT network could be Telus, Bell, or Videotron depending on the area.

I think for Videotron, they had preferential pricing on Rogers which is why they decided to use Partner 1 and 2 and they had different restrictions on them which is not the case with Fizz.

Well if that is the case, then shouldn't Fizz be the same as Videotron because they're using Videotron's lines, network, and their contracts. Fizz is just an MVNO for Videotron.

When I try to select a partner network on my iPhone it shows four different partner networks though... Maybe it isn’t just rogers and telus?



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The fourth one is Fido. Fido (formely called Microcell) does have it's own network before got bought by Rogers and it still does.

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The partners are: Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Fido. Your phone will auto switch to Telus if they are the only network providing cell signal at a location.