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UK Travel Add on

I saw that for UK, there are only data travel add ons available. No calling minutes. Is there a way to add minutes? I don't see the option. Thanks



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If you don't see an add on voucher, calls and texts are probably pay as you go while in the UK.
That s aid, unless you really need people to reach you on your number, it is so much cheaper to just buy a pay as you go sim over in the UK. It cost me 1 pound for the sim, and a 10 pound voucher to get 4gb, and more minutes and texts than I could use in the UK, plus I got a 10 pound voucher to spend at the grocery store, so I was only 1 pound out of pocket for 2 weeks of phone use.

I agree with Allison that you cheapest option is to get a local SIM in the UK.  I think Zubair is saying that the pay as you go rate does not include minutes.  I see this for Zone Europe in the travel section: 

Rate covers all countries in Zone Europe


$0.20 / MB


$0.10 / text


N/A / minute

Yeah, it's really weird. I chose several countries to look at the rates and outside of the United States, the per minute costs are all listed as N/A. Maybe this is a bug?