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Account Frozen. Money in account. Help?

It has been a few days now that my phone is not usable as my account is "Frozen"
When my payment on a prepaid card passed, it passed at the same time as something else and the payment bounced. At that point I was still able to use data but no call/sms.
I updated my payment method, account still suspended.
Used an other card, account still suspended.
Added 10$ manually to my account, the payment passed and I now have a 10$ balance! But my account is still suspended!!
Now neither data/sms/calls work. When I make a call, it says something like: "Welcome to the Videotron Network, you do not have to ability to make a call with your current plan. Please call 611 to have that fixed."
When I text, I get "Fizz error - 50"
What happens if I call 611? I get: "Welcome to the Videotron Network, you do not have to ability to make a call with your current plan. Please call 611 to have that fixed."
I have noticed 3 payments of 0.00$ on my card from Fizz.

I have already chatted, twice. They have created a ticket but I feel its going to get resolved the day after the account gets deleted (January 9 I believe), I'll lose my beta pricing and possibly my phone number.

Please prove me wrong.

Sorry to see you leave, all because it didn't occur to them that having a "make payment" option in the customer account is important, nor did they teach their customer service how to force through a payment. :(

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Fizz has a chat customer service only *611 is not working.

Contact Fizz through chat on this page after logging to your account

Click on the chat bubble at the bottom right of your browser and put in your question...

They are open till 18:00 today

And keep following it up...

Chizz :))

Not having a "make an immediate payment" option seems like a huge flaw in Fizz's online services. I hope you manage to get this fixed before you lose your account.



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Is it working now?

So as of this morning, my account on the Fizz website seems "back to normal" but I still haven't heard back from a support team.

However, I have no service on my phone. It is displayed as "Emergency calls only" which is different than what I had yesterday (signal bars with an X)
I have rebooted the phone several times throughout the day, same message. I have even tried manually setting the access point and then putting it back to auto. Both times I got a message like: "This SIM is not authorized to access the Fizz network."

I've almost been 5 days without service now...

Hello everyone,
Last night I talked with support again, they didn't do much like all the other times but my account was still functional.

This morning I finally get an email from the support team!
"Hello Matthew,

It is too late to charge you now.
You have to reactivate your account, "My plans"," Reactivate".

We remain at your disposal.

Have a nice day !

Andreea-Team Fizz

So I follow the instructions to my account and guess what, I've lost my beta pricing after having no phone for a week!
The best part is that they sent that email from a no-reply email.
I've probably lost my phone number because they asked a bill from my previous provider to transfer my number.
Bye bye Fizz!