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Anyone managed to get call forwarding working?

Tried to set it up on android and iphone but did not work. They used to have a call forwarding option in manage plan but they removed that too. :/

You need to challenge them a bit more then just accepting the answer they're giving you...
Call forwarding is free for everyone, voicemail activated or not...
Some CS agent don't even bother trying to fix issues and just gives the first answer the system suggest...

Got on the chat again and fight for it... lol..

Cheers :))

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It worked for me when I tried it using the same method as in the link above. Too well, because I had trouble getting it to send calls to voicemail again after.

Did not worked at first, few months ago, but it has been fixed since then.
If you have voicemail activated, it might be an issue that need Fizz team attention.

Have a service ticket open if it doesn't work

Cheers :))

I just chatted with them and they said I need to add voicemail to get call forwarding. They are really misleading as they said everyone gets call forwarding for free.