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Why is my LTE upload speed extremely slow?

Ever since I switched to Fizz, I've been unable to send MMS, I thought it was because something was wrong with MMS but now I'm starting to think it's an upload issue.


As you can see my download is fast but my upload is almost 0 on LTE (it sometimes goes up to 0.03 during the speedtest). I've tried everything I can think of. I've contacted support, manually input the APN, tried the SIM card in a different phone, I tried it in multiple locations in Montreal and the north shore of Montreal, restarted my phone's factory defaults, contacted support again. Nothing does it. With such slow up speeds,, some online services don't work at all. I can't load most webpages, I can't upload pictures, I can't get traffic data on my phone to use it as a GPS.

What else can I do?



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Is your phone compatible with both parts of band 4 for LTE? Have you tried limiting your phone to the 3G network to see if it works better that way?

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