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What happened to the kudos I gave?

I sometimes use kudos as bookmarks to check if I missed an answer in the forum etc. Most of them are gone now. I can give kudos to the questions I already checked.

@E.S. I'm pretty sure there is more than one team looking after every little thing at Fizz. Customer service should be dictated to any type of problems including reward program or the community forum.

@Isa E.
I get you and you are right. It's not very user friendly on here.
I find it useful to get back on my Community public profile.
You will find the list of all your questions and a list of all your answers.

Cheers :))

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If you can give kudos to the same answers again and again, then I think you may have encountered a glitch. Be careful and do not exploit it as you might placed under investigation for "gaming their points system" like some other users reported here in the forums and on the subreddit .

I just want to get the kudos I gave back. Everybody has their own way helping or going through answers. I am not looking for extra points. I do not care about how much each kudo gets me. I personally do not understand why I would get points for giving people kudos. I should get kudos only when my answer is seen and I am contributing by giving an answer. Anyway, thank you for the heads-up! I still would like to know if there is a way to fix it. or if it happened to anyone else.



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Rookie move. Hope you didn't contact Fizz for this, their plates are probably more than full with all the other issues they have..... !

I would like to think nobody would contact a CSR about kudos :D This is a simple question with a simple answer. And I still do not understand why it is a problem. Is it the point system? I do not wanna feel like a kid who might get punished by parents while I am browsing community forum. If bookmarking questions and answers in my own way breaks a rule, they can take them back. I am old enough not care much about points and sh.t.