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Making calls from outside QC

If I leave the province And making calls from another province would it work? I am planing to go to Manitoba for 2 weeks. I am wondering placing calls on fizz network


If you have the Canada wide calling option on your plan, or money in your wallet to cover the pay per use cost, then yes it should work almost everywhere in Manitoba. Fizz Ext will show up as the network you are connected to (may need to reboot your phone to make it work) and you'll be roaming on one of the partner networks (Rogers or Bellus).

Do you have the Canada wide plan? It should work just fine. It worked well for me in Ontario 3 weeks ago.
If you have the Quebec plan, either buy an add on or put some cash in your Fizz wallet, or you won't be able to call or text in Manitoba.



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You should be fine then. If it doesn’t work contact Fizz using their bubble chat or Fb messenger.