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Can I use voicemail, with a data only plan?

I currently have a data only plan with voicemail enabled, I don't intend to make or receive calls, but I do want anyone calling my number to go directly to voicemail and have the option to leave a message. When I call my number, it says I cannot complete this call. when I try to access my voicemail, it says i'm not able to do that with my current plan. however when manually calling my voicemail from a landline, I'm able to configure my voicemail.

So is there an issue with my voicemail? or do I need a voice plan as well?

You can't call your voicemail because you have no minutes available. You would have to add money to your wallet or get an add-on for minutes.

You should try calling your number with another phone to confirm if it will forward to voicemail even if you have no minutes.

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Did you try it?

@Kent, I figured I may have needed minutes to dial into voicemail from my cell phone. So if that was the case I wouldn’t have used a land line or voip service to retrieve messages...

The problem is, when calling from another phone my cell number is invalid and won’t let me leave a message

I did try calling from another phone, says: phone number is invalid.

When you are on a pay-as-you-go plan and run out of minutes, the provider just gets your number out the routing address list, making it an invalid number.

Since the Voice Mail service is basically a call transfer to the voice mail server with your phone # as an Id, no one will be able to reach your voice mail.

Cheers :))

There is a complicated approach . First you need register an account in, 2nd you need know how to create sub account with your fizz phone number as caller id, 3rd you need setup this sip account in a sip client (free or paid in apple store or android play store), 4th you need setup a quick dial 1 to the 514 voice mail number. After that, each time dial 1 to access your FIZZ voice mail. Sorry this approach is not for every one, but that will answer this question: how to use data only + voice mail add one, while you have 0 in wallet and no minutes in your account. Some software such as Groundwire will support SMS as well. For someone never do it before, pay Fizz $$ and get unlimited call instead.

[SOLVED] Thanks @Kent @René for the definative answer

So there's no way to have a data plan, and just voicemail, without also having voice minutes.


For my phone number to be valid, so a caller can leave a message, I added the $3 calls add-on, and immediatly was able to call my phone and leave a message.


Note 1: even though my phone was off, and went straight to voicemail (not actually using cell service), the voicemail uses airtime, something to think about if you should get the $3/60min or try to make $5 in your wallet (about 20min) last more than a month.


Note 2: I'm sure retreiving messages from your cell phone will also use up minutes, however retreiving messages manually from a landline or free voip service will not use minutes. you need to call fizz voicemail number (514) 647-0999, and then enter your number, followed by your pin.  @YUN very interesting workaround to retreive messages for free and conveniently, but still requires voice plan, or money in your wallet.


I want to thank everyone for your comments and help.