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Where are we and where are we going section?

How about creating a separate section in the help page ( or the forum with a synthesis of the known issues and upcoming features, their continuously updated status and a summary of all other relevant news for customers?

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Plus it sucks having newer members taking the time to report on the same damn issues only to be told by someone else, it's a known problem. Known by who? And how long has it been? Is it being worked on?

But seeing as we're going through a second outage in two weeks. I think they have bigger problems to deal with than issues with web page or being more open with their customers.

Seeing as they're going through a second outage in two weeks, they have bigger issues than little website related bugs. But it would be a nice to have. It would be nice if Fizz could be more open about the network issues they're facing as well.

How about adding a public bug tracker where people can add issues and maybe one for upcoming features? I know a cell company in another country that has that, really like those guys.

Wow, is that a coincidence, or is somebody really listening???

The "Network status" section on the help home page ( it's a very nice and good beginning, but this kind of development should continue.

Suggestion: instead of posting every hour the same message just to let the people know you are still working, you could have just a single message instead of the link button, which is continuously updated in real time with the curent network status. Later this can be developed and extended to all main issues related to the service. Each of this messages could be also a link to a different page which describe in detail the issue and its evolution.

However, in my opinion the Beta phase and fees shouldn't end before having at least basic reliable services to offer. It could be a major deal killer for many of us.

THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU HOW ANSWERED AND SUSTAINED THIS IDEA, pretty unexpected for me to see this reaction in just one day.