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[Rewards] What are the rewards and how to get them?

Hello Fizz!


I wanted to group the information on the Points, Levels, Perks, Upgrades, Bagdes for you to know how you can get them and what you'll get.


Please reply to complete the information.


What are Points, Levels, Perks, etc. What can I do to earn each?




Points: Points are awarded when you carry out specific tasks, such as opening an account or making your monthly payment. Earn Points to climb to new levels in Fizz.



Level: Your Level indicates your status in My Rewards. Accumulate Points to go up a Level. Each Level you attain unlocks access to a new Perk.



Upgrades: Each time you reach a new Level, you unlock a new Upgrade — a unique and permanent privilege — for example, unlimited calling, additional Data.


Level Up

Level Up: You Level Up when you earn enough Points to reach the next Level. The higher you go, the more Perks and Upgrades you accumulate.



Perk: A Perk is a single-use item — for example, 2Gb of data to be used in the next two months, or a discount at one of our retail partners. Earn Perks for carrying out specific actions, such as referring a new member, making your payment, or answering a question in the Forum.



Badges: Badges are rewarded when you reach milestones — they also show off your status in the Fizz Forum. You could win a Badge for your fifth comment in the forum, or for making your first payment. Badges are awarded with Points, and sometimes a Perk or Upgrade.

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  • 1 point: Give a kudos to a user by clicking on the heart of an answer.
  • 3 points: Reply to a question on the Fizz community.
  • 5 points: Receive a kudos from a user that click on the heart of an answer to indicate that he/she likes it.
  • 5 points: Reply to a question that was published less than 5 minutes ago.
  • 10 points: Be the leader of the day.
  • 50 points: Be the leader of the week.
  • 50 points: Be active on the Fizz community during the month.
  • 50 points: Be selected as the best answer.
  • To complete



  • Level 1: You have acquired less than 1500 points.
  • Level 2: You have acquired more than 1500 points and less than 4500 points.
  • Level 3: You have acquired more than 4500 points and less than 9000 points.
  • Level 4: You have acquired more than 9000 points and less than 15 000 points.
  • Level 5: You have acquired more than 15 000 points and less than 22 500 points.
  • Level 6: You have acquired more than 22 500 points and less than 31 500 points.
  • Level 7: You have acquired more than 31 500 points and less than 42 000 points.
  • Level 8: You have acquired more than 42 000 points and less than 54 000 points.
  • Level 9: You have acquired more than 54 000 points and less than 67 500 points.
  • Level 10: You have acquired more than 67 500 points and less than ? points.
  • Level 11To complete
  • To complete



Note: It will take effect at the start of your next payment cycle and it is valid for two years from the date you apply it to your plan. Based on your level, you have a limit of 1 (levels 1 and 2), 2 (levels 3 and 4) or 3 (level 5) slots for upgrades, so choose wisely.


  • 100 Mo: You made it to level 1 and unlocked the 100 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan that doesn't contain data. (For beta testers only.)
  • 200 Mo: You made it to level 4 and unlocked the 200 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan that doesn't contain data.
  • 250 MB: You made it to level 1 and unlocked the 250 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan.
  • 300 MB: You made it to level 5 and unlocked the 300 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan.
  • 500 MB: You made it to level 2 and unlocked the 500 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan.
  • Voicemail: You made it to level 3 and unlocked the Free Voicemail upgrade for your monthly plan.
  • Long distance calls: You made it to level 6 and unlocked the free long distance calls (in the country of your choice).
  • To complete



  • 500 MB: You signed up during the launching period of Fizz.
  • To complete



  • Newbie: You joined the Fizz community.
  • Amigo: You added someone to your Fizz contacts for the first time.
  • Tching Tching: You added some money in your wallet for the first time.
  • Touriste: To complete
  • Sundae: To complete
  • Chasseur: You referred 1 new member.
  • Heros: You gifted data to 1 friend.
  • Dinosaure: You are here since 1 month.
  • To complete

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Other answers

Zero - just for joining - 250MB Upgrade
First - 500MB Perk
Second - 500MB Upgrade (which I can't use until I get an upgrade slot - don't know when that will be)

Your upgrades will depend on what plan you have as well. For people with a plan with less data your upgrades and perks will be lower and I assume for people with really high data you would get higher amounts of upgrades.

I have a 2GB data plan and I got 250MB as the first upgrade. But I have heard of people getting 100MB upgrades as their first one.

You will receive an additional bonus slot at level 3. It is advised to never use your free 250mb upgrade, and to wait until level 2 to use your new 500mb upgrade instead

And in the same vein @Sean H. I would recommend people not pay for voicemail, i.e. don't get a plan with voicemail in and get the voicemail reward at Level 3 or whenever it comes as an upgrade. I don't know if changing the plan now would make me lose the introductory pricing so I'm not going to remove voicemail from my plan.



User level
5000 / 5000

@ J.S. so the voicemail reward is permanent?

I just got to Level 3 and I got an Upgrade Slot and Voicemail. I chose the 500MB Upgrade from Level 2. And I'm not using the Voicemail Upgrade. The next level up (Level 4) is at 9000 points.

@ J.S. You won't lose your introductory pricing if you do any changes BEFORE december 19. Basically whatever price is showed at the bottom of the page is the price you will be paying in your new contract regardless of your billing cycle date.

If the voicemail is an upgrade, then it should, theoretically, be permanent.

@ Sean H. can't we use both? the 250mb and the 500 mb? or just switch it up?

I had confirmation from CS yesterday over chat. VM is a bonus only for one month. And they told me it was possible to apply more than one bonus at a time.

I just got to level 2. It seems like I can replace the 250mb upgrade with the 500mb from the interface. I might be the same bug from before that wasn't letting me select the upgrade. I'll continue trying to replace it.

I believe Allison means that perks are a one time bonus while upgrades are applied every cycle, like stated somewhere in the solution hub. But there is a note there saying that fizz can change the upgrades without notice, so they are not that permanent in that sense.

Btw you should watch out because even though you can gain many upgrades, you only have limited slots. So you can choose to use your 250 mb free data, but if you do so, you might not have a slot for the 500mb that comes later. So really depends if you want to wait until level 2 to get a bigger reward or if you need the 250mb

An Upgrade is a unique upgrade you can apply to your Fizz plan — for example, it could be additional data, unlimited calling, etc. Every Upgrade is valid for two years from the date you apply it to your plan.


So be careful with the upgrade you choose to activate...

Cheers :))

@René D. The upgrade is valid for 2 years when you activate it, but can you remove it and put it back to switch between other upgrades? Or from the moment that you activate an upgrade you're stuck with it for 2 years and can't take it of even if you get a better upgrade (ex: 500 mb instead of 250 mb) ?


I think I've made a point about the rewards policy!

We can now replace a bonus in a slot, but it only take effect at the next payment cycle!!!

Cheers :))