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Currently with Videotron, is the service between the two companies the same?

Multiple questions. Live in Ottawa.
I'm currently with Videotron and I am happy with the service but I would be happy to shave a few dollars off with a similar plan. What are cons of Fizz? Is the connectivity the same? Has anyone had issues using Fizz so far? And can I get a temporary number to test out the service before deciding to switch my permanent number to Fizz?




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I moved to fizz because of the good cooments I’ve heard about videotron. There have been lots of issues reported in here and an outage since I joined, but I gotta say that outage apart, I’m happy with the phone service. I hope they improve their customer support, right now it’s very hard to reach them.

And bout your number, you can only port a number over when activating a sim card. You could get a sim card to test it for a bit, but you’ll not be able to transfer your number later on, you’ll have to order a new sim card and activate another line. If you do that, watch out for the cut date of the introductory prices, which is Dec 19th

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I have both and I'm in Ottawa. I don't think I'll get rid of Videotron because of two reasons:
1) Videotron has human being support which is easy and straightforward; 2) Videotron is more reliable and I need reliable service for my work.

Just a few dollars difference for my family videotron plan vs my fizz (used as my car phone or as kids phone when they need).

You can get a fizz number to try. When you want port, you need buy other sim card to port your videotron number. It sounds ridiculous but it's the fact, just look around and you'll know this is true :)

Good luck and it's just my 2 cents.