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Gifted data not received?

Hi. I have a beta plan with 8gb of data and I just transferred my personal line to Fizz. My new plan is a 2gb data plan. I gifted myself 4gb from the beta plan to the new one and I am not seeing the 4gb on my new account. I read it should be instant transfer and no need to accept anything. Anyone had this problem?



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Hi, this doesn't seem normal as here are the data gifting conditions:

''*Only data associated with your plan during the current payment cycle can be gifted to another Fizz member (per 250 MB block). Members must subscribe to a plan containing mobile data in order to receive a gift. Gift recipients must use gifted data before the end of their next full payment cycle''

If every condition above was respected and both accounts are active, you should try contacting them via : Facebook chat, Fizz chat, Contact forms (My Profile/Contact forms)

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