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How does data gifting work?

How does data gifting work?
Is it instantaneous or is there a delay?
Does the recipient need to accept the gift?
Does gifted data also roll over to the next month?
Am I allowed to re-gift data that was given to me by someone?
Is there a minimum or maximum to how much data I am allowed to share?

It's instant.
Receiver doesn't need to accept it, it goes in automatically.
It doesn't rollover, but it's valid until the end of the following cycle.
You can only gift data from your current cycle's data bucket. You can't gift rollover data or gifted data.
Minimum is supposedly 250 MB, but it doesn't let me go any lower than 500 MB. Maximum is as much data as you have available I believe.

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Hi! I gifted data to myself to see how it works :) (I have two phone numbers on Fizz at the moment) Here are your answers:
1) You go to My Plans and click "Gift". Then you will enter the phone number of the Fizz account owner to whom you wanna send the gift. It is instantaneous. But at first, the mobile plan I received the gift had a warning message telling me that I was using my internet too fast. It disappeared later. So everything is fine.
2) It is instantaneous
3) You simply receive the gift without approving anything.
4) I have 57 days left to use the gifted amount (see the attached pic)
5) There is no button to re-gift the data you receive from someone else.
6) It depends on your plan. I could gift minimum 500 MB and maximum 8 GB (maximum data I have)