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Are rewards modulated according to you plan?

At level 1, I got a 250MB data upgrade with a 2GB plan, would this have been different on, say, a 4GB plan?

Hi, the 250mb bonus is the same for all. I got the 8gb plan and got 250mb as well.

It's important to note that once the bonus is applied to your account you can't remove it and you only have 1 'slot' available before level 3.

At level 2, you will receive a 500mb bonus but won't be able to use it since you've already used your only available slot for the 250mb bonus.

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It would be good to know the answer from Fizz however all the documents I found on the site say that there is a "secret" algorithm that regulates the points :)



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@Sean H. That is very useful information, particularly because I'm close to level 2. I think most who joined during beta (vs launch) got a 100mb data upgrade, not 250 though.