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Why does clicking on Community go to the french version of the site?

I would expect it to go to the french version of the site when I'm logged in to the French site. And the English site community site when I'm logged into the English site.



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The site is a bit buggy still I think, although this is a new one that developed some time in the last few days.

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Just click on the “English” tab on the site, if you’re on your phone, it’s near the bottom of the page. If you’re on your computer, press control (or cmd if you’re a Mac user) + F and type English. It will show you where.

Hope this helps!

I just replace the first word communaute with community and press enter. And it takes me to the English version. But it is a bug that needs fixing.

Hey J.,

Unfortunately, Allison, you're correct, we're still dealing with some bugs/Glitches this is a known issue and has already been reported to our UX team. Great suggestion J, by swapping the name "communaute" for "community"