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i transfered my number and i cannot recieve calls, i changed cell .. no change.. so its on your side?

transfered my number and i cannot recieve calls, i changed cell .. no change.. so its on your side?



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Hi jessica leclerc ,

Can you please send us a private message by chat or messenger in order to give you a hand?
I can see that your plans are actives on our end, if you are still encountering issues, feel free to reach us out to give you a hand.


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First of all, check your Fizz notifications and emails. There might have been a problem during the porting process. If you tried porting with the account PIN, try with the IMEI instead. That's what worked for me. Make sure the information that you enter is correct.


Porting problems can be due to:

- Unpaid bills

- Trying to port a VOIP number

- Trying to port an inactive or cancelled number

- Wrong information entered

- Your current provider blocking the port


Please note that it can take up to 2 hours to port a number. 



Tout d'abord, vérifie tes notifications Fizz et tes courriels. Il y a peut-être eu un problème lors du processus de transfert. Si tu as tenté d'effectuer le port en utilisant un NIP de compte, essaie avec le numéro d'IMEI. C'est ce qui a fonctionné pour moi.


Un problème de transfert de numéro peut être dû à:

- Factures impayés

- Le numéro provient d'un fournisseur VOIP

- Le numéro est inactif

- Mauvaises informations entrées

- Ton fournisseur actuel empêche le transfert


Un transfert peut prendre jusqu'à 2 heures.

Yes, many people have had this problem. You'll have to contact Fizz directly via the (often missing) chat bubble, facebook messenger, or by using the contact form on your profile.

Can you make calls? Send texts? Receive texts? Include this information when you contact them to narrow down the problem.