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Real Speed??? I switched from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps then to 120 Mbps but I get the same download and upload speed.

Real Speed??? I switched from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps then to 120 Mbps but I get the same download and upload speed as before. My friend told me that 2 years ago and he went by 10 Mbps. He still have it. Believe me, my real speed with 120 Mbps is the as his with 10 Mbps. Specially upload speed that is terrible. It was 10 Mbps before, but now is 20 Mbps. I talk about real speed! Not about this numbers. They all are just numbers. What do you think about the real speed that you get? Let me know please.



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You are getting the speed of the plan, you are choosing.
If you are connecting your device to the modem with an ethernet câble, you will get more.
Do a speedtest and you will see.
On your wi-fi network, it will be lower, it's normal.

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For sure the upload speed is not much compare to download speed. How do you measure the speed? If you are testing using your Wifi, the speed is probably your Max speed from your router.

How do you check that. Do you just say that by feeling ? you can do a speed test to the real speed you get. Personnaly i paid for 120/20 but often get 130/22.

The changed you make will only be effectif when your next cycle start. Have a nice day :)

Its depend too of the tool you use. For example on my old cellphone i dont get more thant 20mbit/sec and its not because of Fizz but because the wifi antenna on my cellphone dont support new wifi norm.


So, upload speed doesn't change much between plans (see image attached). All plans slower than 120Mbps reach uploads up to 10Mbps. At 120Mpbs it reachs uploads of 20Mbps, and it increases do 30Mbps at the 200 Mbps plan.

That being said, can you clarify how do you measure your speed? Are you testing via WiFi? Which frequency (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)? Just for your information, WiFi speeds will usually be slower than the speed you can get by a cable connected directly. Also, frequency also interferes a lot, as well as the distance to your Router and the amount of other WiFi networks in your surrounding area. That's why I always recommend to do a speed test in a cabled decided to make sure the issue is at Fizz or not.

Hope it answers your questions :)