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Old service provider still writes to me about my bill, doesn't seem to know my account has moves to Fizz?

Basically the title of my question, how can I make sure the transfer was made properly? I'm also in another country where I can't make phone calls or text so maybe the confirmation message didn't go through; but my Fizz account seems to be active with my transferred phone number so it does seem the transfer worked...



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Hi Thomas,

Did you received an email/text from Fizz saying that your phone is now activated?

This is normal to receive a « last » bill with prorated charges you can call your old provider and ask them

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Hi Thomas

Unfortunately if your old provider sent you a text to confirm the transfer and you do not reply, then the transfer is not complete. If your old provider SIM card is still functioning and your old provider account is still active, then this is the case.

In this case, you will have to contact Fizz support to retry the transfer: