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Can i send a rollover data as a gift ?

As a new user of the hub i didn’t know that the question will be closed when i choose a best answer anyway this is my question :
4gb perks are going to expire in 12 days if i didn’t activate them and 5 gb expires in one month ( rollover data) What can i do with them. Tried to sent data to my friend but it goes from my monthly data plan.
Thank you hub community for your help ❤️❤️



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Hi Linkin

If we want to gift data from our mobile plan, it must be paid for data from our current cycle. We cannot gift rollover data.

Regarding Perks, go here to see them:

To activate a Perk, click on it and you will be given 2 choices:
1. You can use it on one of your mobile plans.
2. Or gift it to someone on your contact list.

As you may know Fizz has disabled the add & search contact function.
However another member, Luc found this workaround:

You can go to "Invite Friends" on your account to add the person to your contact list.
Invite friends → Reveal my referral code → Email → send an email

Once the Perk is activated, it is valid for 30 days.

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