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Can't add contact

After 2 months the situation of adding a contact is still not resolved. If Fizz can't solve this situation they should eliminate this option from our Perks otherwise it's just very frustrating. Like someone else mentionned Fizz gave us a reward of 6 - 1 GB as perks but now I only have 13 days left to use them and I still cannot gift them. I think Fizz should extend this perk until they have resolved the situation. Yes, I have tried going around this situation but instead of being able to gift the GB it was added to my account and of course I lost it after the 30 days... It doesn't transfer over. So instead of being a gift that we are thrilled about, it's become a very negative point towards Fizz:(



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Hi Cynthia

Luc found this

you can go to "Invite Friends" on your account to add the person to your contact list.
Invite friends → Reveal my referral code → Email → send an email

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