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Payment Problems?

Hi all,

My payment method that has been working without a problem for the past couple of months, has suddenly stopped working. I tried to add money to my wallet today and the system told me the payment failed.
I double checked the payment and everything is correct. My bank is also not blocking anything.
I tried to add two other credit cards and a debit card but they were all declined. All cards are from Canada and do accept recurring payments.
Address and all data is 100% the same as on my statements. I tried clearing the cache and the private mode, different browser and even different computer.

It all started to go downhill when I tried to help a friend of mine out, who just arrived in Canada. We tried to add my credit card to his account and the payment was declined and now I have the same problems on my account. Did they flag my account, not allowing any payments anymore?

I am seriously worried now because my plan renews soon and I cannot under no circumstances lose access to my mobile phone account.

I need this solved asap and nobody in support can tell me how long it will take.

Hi StefanM

Sorry you are having this issue.

You took the right step to contact Fizz support. I am sure they will get back to you, but sometimes it can take a few days or longer.

How soon is your renewal? If you do not want to risk losing service, you should prepare yourself with an additional method payment (prepaid card, another card of family member, etc).
At the same time, you can also support if they need to reset the payment methods for your account as it is strange that your other cards were declined. After contacting support, you may want to retry your other cards.

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Hi StefanM

It can also be that Fizz has a problem, if this is true, in a couple of hours will be seeing some messages regarding this. It happens once in the past.

Did you try with the support, at least to let them know about this?

Hi Mike,

I did yes. Yesterday they requested a picture of the card I tried to add as well as my ID when we tried to make it work on my friends account.
This got me worried so I tried it on my account today and it failed. I'm currently in the process of reaching out to support regarding this.



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I don't know how to solve this problem badly except trying your luck with the support.
I wish you luck and have a good day Stephan!