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How can I update my credit card information?

I have 5 phones with Fizz. When updating my credit card information, I have to do it one phone at a time by adding the new card and then deleting the previous one (all accounts are under the same card, but I can’t update all of them under one card). As I went through this process with each phone I was not able to update the last one because of Fizz’s limit of 5 credit cards spaces. Which means when I add the credit card information for the 5th phone, the previous card information is holding the 5th slot, and adding the new information is considered the 6th slot (over the limit of 5). How can I update the 5th phone account?



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Hi Michael

You need to enter your credit card once, and associated with every plan if all your plans are in the same account, you do not need to enter it 5 times, only one

In case of problem, you can contact Fizz support

1- Log in to your account (see top right).
2- Any ad blocker in your browser must be disabled.
3- You must be on a help sheet:
4- The green bubble should appear in bottom right of the page

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Hi Michael,
Like Mike tell you, you should only enter it once. If it dosent seems to work, you should contact supprt!
Good luck and have a nice day!

Like other users says, you need to enter only once the update of your credit card into your Fizz account..
I would suggest you to contact the Fizz customer by chat.
Click on:
Click on the green interrogation point appearing down to the right of the page and click on the green chat bubble.



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Consider consolidate the bill to one credit card. Or split accounts to each person own online account.