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No signal in my basement. What to do?

Hi friends,

For a while, based on my work schedule, I moved to my home basement with my office laptop. I have an issue. There is no signal with Fizz and I ve got a lot of calls on my landline from people that couldn't call my cellphone.
What can I do ? At FM i had Wifi calling and able to use the cell in the basement. How can I activate Wifi calling with Fizz?

Thank you


Use Network selection / Manual selection not automat / choose FizzExt will be roaming with Rogers . Try 2G for better walls penetration.

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You can buy a cell phone signal booster for that! Look them up, good luck

That's right. No Wi-Fi calling yet with Fizz.

You can try 3G network or Fizz EXT (for occasional use only) as you may get a better signal, but forget about 2G. There's no provider in Canada using 2G network.

p.s. Cristi, that was really fast. You closed the question right after I posted.
So your response is really confusing. You picked my answer first, then Kokoboko's reply.
To me, using Fizz EXT in your basement is not a long term solution.
And you were able to connect to 2G network? That would be a really good one.

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