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Do data perks follow the rollover?

My mobile plan has 1GB. I was offered a 500MB perk that expires after a month. If I add it to my plan to get 1.5GB and use only 1GB, will the remaining 500MB still rollover to the next month?

Hi Vanessa

The perks should be used before the data in your month, since the data will lower days left are used before.

Therefore the 500 perks wuth 30 days validity and 500 from the current month must be used and after the 500 left should be valid for other 2 payment cycles. If the 1G is from your current month

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Hi Vanessa

You can activate your data perk to use any time before it expires.

Once the perk has been activated, the data is added immediately to your plan and it is valid for 30 days.