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My number didn’t transfered and already payed and my sim is note active yet how can i have my redound?

My number didn’t transferd and i already payed for it my sim is not active and i can’t have another num too ,help me for transfering my numb or refound my money?



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Hi Nilab

I will start saying that you have 15 days trial period

Regarding the transfer problem

it can be one of the following
1. The number you entered was not recognized by your current mobile provider.
2. The transfer authorization request sent by text was not approved or answered on time.
3. Your current provider’s account number or phone IMEI is incorrect.
4. Your PIN is incorrect.
5. Technical difficulties
6. Your current provider is preventing your number from being transferred


Please contact the support

1- Log in to your account (see top right).
2- Any ad blocker in your browser must be disabled.
3- You must be on a help sheet:
4- The green bubble should appear in bottom right of the page

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Hello Nilab,

We're truly sorry about this situation encountered. I took a look at your account and I see that you've reached us regarding this matter and one of my colleagues has already further helped with it by forwarding this to the necessary department. Rest assured that we will inform you as soon as we have an answer regarding your transfer.

If you need additional assistance, for all the information on how we can be reached you can check our page:

Thank you so much for your understanding.
Have a wonderful day!