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Why is it so hard to reach "24/7" customer service?

The only reason why we changed and went with fizz was that our provider did not have service where we live (no it's not in a farm on a field but in Brossard) - and to encourage smaller companies we went with fizz.

It kinda bugged us that there's no phone service but I figured the 24/7 "service" online was good enough. It's not, they close early and also by 24/7 service they meant a f*****g forum.

The connection is spotty and complete crap. The tech took over 3 hours to install it... It's been our 2nd month.

Anyone can contact us by phone or do we need to use the chat options that takes forever to answer?




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Hello Stefan,

We're sorry to hear about the situation encountered and that you've had difficulties in reaching us. We are a 100% digital service therefore we can't be reached or reach you via phone, but I can assure you we can be contacted 24/7 on any channel you'd prefer and we will be able to provide assistance, including via live chat as well.

I kindly wish to inform you that I checked and the plan is active and in good standing, there are no maintenance works in the area affecting the service and all your signals are looking great as well. Upon trying to check the Wifi connectivity as well however, I was unable to. If by any chance you're using your own router, I suggest disconnecting it and reactivating the Fizz's Wifi feature of the modem in order to test the connection.

I also recommend to reboot the modem by unplugging the power cable, wait 10-15 seconds and plug it back in. Kindly also check if the coaxial cable is properly screwed at both ends.

If there's still a situation afterward, please contact us on any channel you'd prefer: with as many details as possible (for example if it's only via Wifi or Ethernet too, issue with all devices or some of them) so we can be able to make the necessary verifications and further help.

Thank you for your understanding.
Have a great day,

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Hi, Stefan,
Like Ionana suggest you, please, do a factory reset of your modem can help to get an internet connexion 100% functionnal.
Press in 35,40 seconds a sharp object into the reset button back in the center of the modem and released it after.
Wait 2,3 minutes to see coming back the lights of the modem.
You will see on the screen of your computer if you are directly connected to the modem:
Easy connect.
Types twice the Factory password key back of the modem.
After, connect all of your devices for your wi-fi network with the same password.