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I want to create an account for my son

I'm a client and my son is in need of a cellphone service
How can I create one for him that I will overlook and take care of?



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Hi Isabelle

You have two ways to create a new plan.
1. Using your account, add a new mobile plan. You will have access to all your plans within the same account.
2. Create a new account using a new email. You will be able to use the referral code of your first account when creating your son's plan. Therefore both of you will earn $25 referral credit upon your son's second monthly payment.

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I personally would create a separate account as you can refer yourself and make 50$ (25+25). Alternatively you can add an additional line online via MyProfile

I would suggest you to subscribe another mobile plan for your son in your Fizz account.
If you have ordered a sim card and received it, you can activate a new plan for your son.
First, log to your Fizz account.
Then, click on: Overview
Scroll down at the right of the web page until you see:
Create your plan, your way and click on: Get started
Follow the steps.