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How can i use my phone during travel?

I will go to travel south korea for 3 month.
1. for the travel options, if i choose the data option, I need to pay regular price plus $5(500mb), right?
2. For the travel options, I can only use text and data, so I just want to stop using my account for 3 months. after come back, can I use it again?
3. Must I cancel my account? and register again?
Thank you


1) yes you need to pay every add
2) If you are buy addon, you still need to pay your plan
3) If you cancel your plan, you have 60 days to reactivate, otherwise, you will loose the phone number and all the bonus

You must also check the price of a plan in south korea, and do not forget to check if your phone is compatible with the local frequency

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Hi Jae,

Your account needs to stay active. So you can stop paying for it as it will cancel. You also need it active to use your travel add-on.
You could adjust the plan to the minimum and just add the travel add-on every month.