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How many cellphone customers Fizz has now ?

I'm happy with Fizz and I would love to see more people with us in green !
I was wondering official how many cellphone Fizz has?
Search didn t help me....

Thank you

No numbers have been ever published, so we can only assume about this.I really hope they have enough as I am really wishing for this company to succeed.

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5000 / 5000

I haven’t seen anything either. I wager not too many yet. It’s only available in Quebec and Ottawa.
However, I share your sentiment. I hope to see more people with us too :-)



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203 / 750

I don't think they ever disclosed these numbers Cristi, i would refer you to their facebook as that may give you a metric of some sort.

Hola Cristi

To answer this question, only Fizz can tell us the exact numbers.

However Fizz is owned by Quebecor which is a publicly traded company. So some of the information will be available in press releases and/or quarterly updates to stock holders.

You may find some info here:

Thank you friends. More customers would benefit everybody, also better prices, more competition, more choices for us too. They can t stay with just a few customers forever...but also they have to want to add more customers. Means more marketing.


I believe Fizz signed up a significant number of subscribers this last quarter. I can also see that there are more customers online.

They spent a significant amount advertising on various platforms (social media, google, public transit, and tv to name a few) and had increased their referral credit up to $50 for both parties.