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My dream is to get more bonuses and perks! What do you recommend?

I would love to get bonuses and perks as many as possible. I know doesn't make sense but the only way to achieve your goals is to start dreaming, planning and working on them....
So let's be creative and advise one another in a great Fizz community where everybody is welcome !
Thank you !

  • Give often Koodos-Thumbs (20 Koodo per day)
  • Open Often Interesing Topics that can help you and others FIZZ members.
  • Respond often at the questions in Community Hub.

This will help you to advance for more bonus.

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Hi Kokoboko

For sure when you stay with Fizz, your dream will turn into reality.

Fizz gives out perks when a new account is created and also whenever they feel like it.
Just last month, Fizz gave everyone 5 x 1 GB of data perks:

Each time you level up MY Rewards account, you will earn a bonus.
Here are the upgrade bonuses given out recently (note that Fizz reserves the right modify the bonuses as needed).



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Definitely getting involved in the community is a must.

Another great way is to start interesting topics as you've done..

Finally selecting my answer would give a big 50 points! Oh, that's right, it would be a bonus to me only :-)

Hi, kokoboko
Yes, be active on the community is the best way to get up your level and get new bonuses.
Dont forget that you can open 3 slots and apply only 3 bonuses per plan after you are on the 5th level!