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I received the Sim package but with no sim card in it?

I received the FIZZ enveloppe and there is no SIM card in it



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Hi Rachel,
I understand and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

If that is the case and the SIM was not delivered, I invite you to place a new order for a 2nd SIM card and I will issue a refund request for the 1st one that you didn't receive.
You also have the option to buy one from Couche-Tard:

I'll escalate the request for a refund of 11.50 CAD to my supervisor and once the request is approved and the refund issued you will receive the respective sum on your credit card in a few business days.
You'll also be able to see this under My plans-> Transaction history from your end.

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one!


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If your SIM card was delivered and you did not receive it, you will need to get a new one.

You will need to order another SIM card and pick it up as soon as you receive a delivery notice.

For quicker access, you can also pick up a SIM card at Coop UQAM or Couche-Tard. You can see locations here:

Once you have activated the second SIM card, please contact Fizz support to get a refund for the missing SIM card.

You can contact support by chat:

1- Connect to your Fizz account by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at
2- Any ad blocker in your browser must be disabled.
3- Click on this link: The green bubble should appear at the bottom right of the page

Hi Rachel,

If you receive your package without the SIM card in it I suggest to contact FIZZ support.

To contact support by chat you must be within hours of operations for a quick response, otherwise leave your message and they will contact you.

1- Log in to your account
2- In the right corner (bottom) click on the “?” and type your question in the little “chat”.

Otherwise, simply leave a message on the platform of your choice, be it Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp or privately on Twitter.

Have a good day

Hi Rachel,

Please reach out to support. You have to order a new SIM card but support will issue a refund for the first one that wasn't delivered correctly.