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I ordered SIM card but did not receive. How do I correct my address and have SIM card sent again?

I ordered a SIM card on Jan 6th, but have not received it. I notice that my address is incpmplete (you are missing the street number). how do I get my address corrected and have the SIM card sent again? Also , a suggestion, you should have in 'My Profile' section the ability for your customers to add their address so these kind of careless mistakes on your part DO NOT HAPPEN -this is poor customer service.



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Hi Claude,
Thank you for letting us know about this and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
If that is the case and the SIM was not delivered, I invite you to place a new order for a 2nd SIM card.
The address cannot be edited, unfortunately, after the order has been placed within the same section.

You can properly add the address from your end by choosing the ,,I couldn't find my address'' option ( in blue text) when you place the new order from Overview-> Get started-> Mobile-> Order a new SIM card.

You also have the option to buy one from Couche-Tard:

The new order can be done from your Fizz account just as the 1st one:

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one!


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Usually you can initiate a new order online and can type in a different address. Reach out to customer support, they can issue a refund for the SIM card not delivered.

I would write to Fizz directly, maybe on Facebook Messenger. They will be able to help you :) here we are users just like you so we cannot change the address.