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Data & internet?

Hi guys, new fizz member. How come I don't have any data out of town? Live in Gatineau, could not use GPS in Toronto?
Second question is about the internet. I find it to slow, upgraded the speed and it only applies on my next cycle? So I have to wait a month to get the speed upgrade?




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Hi Armen

If you have a Canada coverage or Canada/US you need to activate the data roaming, otherwise, you need to but a data addon or put money in your Fizz's wallet. You can also double check the APN configuration

For home internet did you try with the application or a computer connected with the ethernet cabole?

Yes the rule is you need to modify at least 48 hours before the next billing cycle and the changes you make will only take effect at the beginning of your next payment cycle.

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Hi Armen,

Welcome to Fizz :-)
Did you have the Canada wide plan with Fizz? If so, check that the APN settings are correct. Roaming needs to be activated.
As for the internet: Yes, that’s correct. It applies only to the. Ext billing cycle. I hope they change this in future.

Hi Armen, Do you have a Quebec only plan? If so you need to add money to the wallet for when you roam. You cna also download offline maps in most apps including google maps (always a good idea in case theres a network outage)

and for the internet, yes Fizz is prepaid, so changes are only possible for the Next billing cycle