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How to connect to Fizz internet if not available ?

I tried to connect to Fizz internet but I'm not lucky....based on search by my address.
Is there any way to find out if Videotron is expanding coverage of internet in Orleans ?
I was thinking maybe point to point wireless or by cable coaxial ?
Would be nice to have all cellphones and internet with Fizz.
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For home Internet, you must try your address to see if it is eligible:
In most cases, if your address can be served by Videotron cable, then you should be eligible for Fizz Internet.

Here is the map for Fizz cellular service:

You can see all the cell tower locations on this map here:

Note that your phone services will only work in the coverage area you have chosen for your plan. Otherwise, you can purchase options for additional services.

You must enable roaming to use mobile data outside of the subscription area. And if it doesn't connect automatically, you can try restarting your phone.

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Great question. A wireless internet connection seems to be the future. The network is not ready for a higher traffic right now. They need more base stations and 5G to deliver.
We will see. Coaxial is hard to think about.