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Hi Gabriel

Unfortunately Fizz had to disable the search contact option for now, likely to investigate this problem:

We'll have to wait for Fizz to reactivate it.

Meanwhile you can still gift data from your plan to other Fizz members.
To send a gift:
1- Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
2- Scroll to the plan (if you have more than one in your account) that you want to gift from.
3- Click Gift.
4- On the next screen, choose Start gifting.
5- Choose gift to a new Fizz member who you want to gift to.
6 - Enter the phone number or email This will open the gifting tool. *
7- Select the amount of data you wish to gift and click Next.
8- Customize a message to the recipient and click Send.
(*) If you choose an email from your contacts list, data will be gifted to the default plan associated with that email address (there may be multiple phone numbers on this plan). If, however, you choose to gift data to a specific phone number, the data will be gifted to the exact plan associated with this phone number.

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