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Unable to port out from Fizz to Telus... Terrible service from Fizz!!!!!..... ?

I've tried multiple times to port out from Fizz to Telus on Christmas day, working with their technical team. I've given the correct account number and cell number however, Telus is unable to port the number as Fizz is sending back that the account is inactive.

I haven't cancelled my account at Fizz and am actually still using the service with no issues.

I've contacted Fizz **8 Days** ago... They told me that they have found an issue and their technical team will work on it.

This was 8 DAYS AGO!! Why the heck is it taking so long!? I'm asking for a follow up daily and all I'm getting from the reps is to be patient... they are working on it.

PATIENCE!?!? It's been 8 days!!! A simple port shouldn't take more that a few hours let alone 8 days!! All the while paying for Telus service I can't even use!!!

Anyone know what the issue could be?

Hi Martin

Sorry you are experiencing such a delay. I'm sure you will have some news soon. If not, did Fizz support offer a timeline for a response? You can contact Fizz again as needed.

In the meantime, you can ask Telus to retry the port or can you put a hold (or cancel) on the Telus service

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