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More options for minutes when setup new plans, rollover also minutes ?

An idea for marketing Fizz. Cause we are here and trying to be different in a better way.
Let's have a little bit more options for minutes and also a way, somehow, to roll over also this ones.
Let's be more open and show all the others that we can do it.
I think a lot of people will join a move like this.
Its not just about how many GB you get for the money is about how we appreciateand respect customers.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for feedback. I filled that but seems to be just a project. My pov is like they are offering couple of levels for data, they should do the same for minutes / texts.
Lets say first level 50 minus, next 200, third unlimited....or at least 3 levels to have some options.
Also we should be able to express here with options, debate pro and cotnra and not just filling marketing questions.
This is the only way to build a solution.
Customers are the best marketing department, if you know how to listen to them.