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Do the Internet plans have a minimum required length?

Are the Internet plans binding for a certain amount of months or can we pay as long as needed? Also, is there any combo plan for mobile and Internet? Thanks



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Hi Cazzavilla

You do not have any fix duration, therefore, you can have it for a day if you want
Modem and installations are included

No, they do not have any combo, however, they have a referral promotion at the moment, they will give you 50$ referral credit at your 2nd month per account, therefore, you are better off to have to separate accounts

Remember in order to have 50$ credit, you need to have 2 separated accounts, you should start with the mobile. You need a referral from your first account, and you are going to use your referral for the second account and you will have 150$. 100$ to your first account and 50$ to your second

This is also a good time to join Fizz as they are giving $50 bonus credit to new customers (until January 6 2021).

If you need a referral code, there is a list here:
You can choose mine, and I will get 50$ too

They also have a promotion to have a free SIM card

If there is a partipicating Couche-Tard near you, you can get a Fizz SIM card for free (until January 4 2021 while supplies last):

You just need to install the Couche-Tard app, enter your email and wait until you are at the cash abd ready to pay before using the electronic coupon. The Fizz SIM card will be free!

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There is no minimum length! That’s the beauty of Fizz! You can cancel anytime or adjust your plan. They don’t have a combo. However, you can decide whether to apply perks to your internet or mobile plan. You might be better off with two separate accounts though