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Legandir, I followed your advice. How do I know that you receive my payment now?

Payment problem



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Hi Alex

You must go on your account to make a manual payment.
My Plans >> Manage plan >> Payment method.
You should see the "Make payment now" button. Click on it to make a manual payment.
Once payment has been made, your service will be restored within 2 hours.

Meanwhile, please try restarting your device (modem or phone).

In case of a problem, you can contact customer support by chat:

1- Connect to your Fizz account by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at
2- Any ad blockers in your browser should be disabled.
3- Open a Fizz help page like this one:
4- The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.

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Fizz seems to be having a technical issue with some cards as there are a few posts similar to yours today. If you contact Fizz support and they cannot resolve it immediately, they may create a ticket to have their technical support team investigate further.

In the meantime, you may have to try making paying with another card, because the service will be suspended if payment is not made.

More info on accepted cards here:

If you have problems for the payment of your Fizz plan, you can do a manual payment.
First, log to your Fizz account.
Click on: My plan - Manage my plan - Payment mode
Click on the button: Do a manual payment.
If you need to update your credit card:
Click on this link
if you need to contact the Fizz customer service for more help:
Click on the green interrogation point down to the right of the page
and click on the green chat bubble.
A chat window is opening and you are waiting for a chat session with Fizz.



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contact fizz customer service

Hi Alex,

This forum is user community based, so we are users like you. Many users posted with payment issues today, let us know if you get you problem resolved with support.


Hello Alex,

We're so sorry to hear you encountered a payment situation. Rest assured that I checked your account and I see everything's in order, the payment passed successfully for your internet plan yesterday, December 24th.

You are also able to see that the payment was successful by going to My Plans >> Transaction History. For more information on how to check your transactions, you can take a look at our page:

Thank you so much for your understanding.
Have a lovely day,