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Is there a prepaid plan on Fizz?

I would like to know if there’s a prepaid plan on Fizz, what’s the price and what’s the cost per call, text and MB use in that case.

Hi Bi

Fizz is a prepaid service, you can have unlimited calls or SMS

Here you can check different plan

The add-on price, Add-Ons are active immediately. They’re valid until the end of your next payment cycle.

$8.00 → 500 MB of Data
$12.00 → 1 GB of Data
$20.00 → 2 GB of Data

$3.00 → 200 texts messages
$3.00 → 60 min. of calls
$10.00 → 300 min. of calls

The incoming SMS are free

Pay per usage, the calls are rounded to the minute
Calls $0.25 / min
Texts $0.05 / text

This is also a good time to join Fizz as they are giving $50 bonus credit to new customers (until January 6 2021).

If you need a referral code, there is a list here:
You can choose mine, both parties will receive the bonus credit once you have paid your second bill.

You can use a Visa or MasterCard credit card to pay for your Fizz plans.

  • including Visa or MasterCard prepaid cards which accept recurring payments
  • including also Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit card

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Hi Bi

Fizz mobile service is prepaid, so there are never any surprise bills.
As you can see from Mike's reply, Fizz can offer really good rates for occasional users.

Fizz service is unique. Check here to see some of the benefits:

Everyone can save $. You can select a plan depending on your needs. And as your mobile needs change, you can opt to change your plan each month.

If you are interested in Fizz mobile, you can see the subscription and coverage area here: To subscribe, you must reside in the subscription area (either Quebec or greater Ottawa area).

To find the cost of mobile plans, you can go here:
and click on "Start from scratch"

For example, if your monthly usage is within 250 MB of data, 30 minutes of calls and 100 outgoing text messages for services in Quebec only, your monthly cost would be $13.46 + taxes:

  • base plan starts at $10.46 monthly;
  • $1.50 (buy $3 add-on for 60 min of calls every 2 months);
  • $1.50 (buy $3 add-on for 200 text messages every 2 months);
  • $0 free 250 MB upgrade can be added to your plan after your first month of service.

Yes, Fizz is a pre-paid provider.
You can check their plans on the web site.
For example : a monthly minimum plan with only the Quebec coverage (without service) cost 10.46$+ tx.
See also: Mike's suggestions
Just buy a sim card from Fizz in a depanneur: Couche-Tard (in the great area of Mtl) or order one online.
NB: Your cellular phone must be compatible and unlock.



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yes but you have to paie a minimum 10$/month for the connection