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Never sent a technician twice - is this the worst customer service?

I ended up moving on November 29th and scheduled an appointment for the following day all the way at the very beginning of November.

Technician never came by. When I contacted customer service, the only 'solution' was to reschedule the appointment. Apparently despite being a telecommunications department, they cannot communicate with the technicians - luls?

Fine. Went ahead and rescheduled for today. Once *again* no one came by.

Not sure what's the best part: if the technician doesn't show up for a third appointment my contract (bonuses, perks, I.E., that which Fizz tries to differentiate itself and sell you their products) will be terminated *or* the lovely reminder emails of 'you missed your appointment!'...

I understand that Fizz is attempting to promote a 'self-service' company to lower costs and that's fine, but we do need the basics of, you know, the service we signed up for to be provided. If anyone with better knowledge of consumer protection in the province can provide whether or not they are potentially breaking laws, I would love to be pointed in the right direction to read more.



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Hello Jaysen,

I am truly sorry for the unpleasant experience.

There appears to be a few issues with the service change order for the internet services.

Please contact us directly by chat as we will need to verify the moving order details with you as well the modem you are currently using.

To reach us by chat, please use an FAQ such as the one bellow while you are logged into your Fizz account.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a good day.


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