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Will you ever offer a Travel Pass?

Most carriers including videotron offer a travel pass, you pay $7/day and can use in USA, or $11/day and can use in almost any country, would love to have one of these, currently in most countries you don't offer voice calls at all..



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Hi Mos

Fizz calls are currently available only while you are in Canada or USA. It would be great if they can make calling available while we are in other countries as well.

If you are big user of mobile services while travelling, then those travel passes can be useful, but they can get pretty expensive over a few days. If you are a big user, Fizz recommends getting a local SIM/phone service when you are travelling. Otherwise for occasion use, Fizz already offers great prices on Travel add-ons to many countries. Once purchased, the add-ons are valid for 2 billing cycles (so from 30 days up to 60 days). Also incoming texts are always free regardless of your location.

For example, while in the Caribbean last year, I bought a 1 GB travel add-on for $5 and I was all set for my 1 week stay.

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Hi, for an underetmined time I will not leave my country, you know the covid virus limites the travelling possibility. So I can't answer you on that point.