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I moved and my caller ID sais i live in my old city. Is there a way to change the city poeple see when i call?

I moved from one region to another. But poeple still see my old city when i call. Since it's far and it was a small village, poeple Say :"i dont know anyone there" and Just dont answer sometimes. Is it possible to change that?



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I believe that you are talking about the prefix, did you change your address in your account?

To edit your home address, go to your plan :

1- Go to My Account, in Your plans
2- Go to Manage my plan.
3- Click on Change home address.


you can also change the phone number changing the area code, it is free

To change your phone number to a random new number:

1- Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
2- If there is more than one plan on your account, scroll to the plan you wish to change.
3- Click on Manage and choose Change phone number.
4- Here you will see your current phone number and two options:
5- Select the middle option: Get a new number (free) or Find a number (1$ fee)
6- Choose a number from the list. (Click Get a new number list to refresh this list. Note that you can only refresh this list 5 times. When you refresh this list, you will not be able to go back to the previous list of numbers.)
7- Click Confirm.

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Hi Denis

Fizz does not send any caller id info.
The info others are seeing is the city associated with your phone number.

If you are not attached to your number, you can change your number at no charge.

As Mike mention, make sure to update your info on Fizz account as your new number will be based on your current address.

The city people see is based on where the number was originally assigned (for example 450 is off island of Montreal, even if you move to Montreal or Vancouver), unfortunately it's not linked to your number directly, so it cannot be changed.

As others have suggested here, changing your number to a new one for the city where you live now would be the only option.



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If you moved to a different area code and kept your old number, then no, the caller ID shows the phone number and not the location. Your only option is to change your number to a local area code.