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I need help. Internet technicians cant change adress for another month and we work from home, what should we do?

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I are changing address and fizz is insisting that I have a technician come over to install the internet. This is a problem because your next available technician is in over a month and we both work from home. Also, when we first installed our internet with fizz, no technician was sent and we did everything ourselves. They simply sent us the modem/router.

Now if we just use our phone data it will probably cost us around 20$ extra/day, for the period we wait for our technician..

Any help is greatly appreciated as we cannot really afford to chage providers..
If I just change my Modem from one adress to the next without changing address on fizz will it still work in new location??



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Hi Valerie

If the cable is connected with Vidéotron infrastructure yes the modem will work

However, you still need to have the technician to come and check the line, but at that point you can wait since you have internet :D

Otherwise, you cannot do much :( The tech are limited and full booked.

Attention: No one can guarantee you that the next day a tech connecting your neighbour will disconnect your cable, at that point you need to wait your appointment. :(

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Hi Valerie,

The appointment is needed because a technician needs to come and check the connection, in order to make sure everything is working properly following the physical moving of the modem and of the service as well. Even if you will do the self-installation, an appointment is a must for a technician to come.
More information regarding moving your internet service can be found on our page:

Also, if you didn't find any earlier appointments, then it means that all the spots are already taken by other customers.

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one!