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Is RCS support now available on Fizz?

Since I last looked into this feature, Fizz has added an FAQ relating to RCS:
This would seem to indicate that RCS is now supported by Fizz.
However, when I try to enable it, I still get the same "Your operator does not currently support this feature" message.
Is RCS really now available for Fizz customers? Do I have an issue with my phone? Or did the FAQ go up a littler early?



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As far as I know fizz didn't offered this service yet even if shown in the FAQ. When the feature arrives on your phone and providers you’ll be prompted to enable the chat features on your device when opening the android message app.

Keep in mind that RCS is dependant on 2 things : Provider and device. Not all providers supports it and not all devices are supported. For example when another provider launched RCS in the summer of 2019, only the Google Pixels and some LG devices were available. With time that provider introduced different device such as Samsung and a few more android devices.

We will have to be patient until they support it

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Thanks Alex, Yolo.

I know my phone supports it as it worked with my previous provider. So the issue must be with the provider (Fizz). I thought that the presence of the FAQ was "proof" that the feature had arrived at Fizz, but I suppose we'll have to wait just a bit longer.